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Bullies have been around since the beginning of civilization, and they aren't going away anytime soon. The U.S. Government's website against bullying, provides no sound solution for a child who is targeted by a persistent bully, and the string of highly publicized youth suicides is evidence that the schools cannot be entrusted with your child's safety. 

Since 1925, the Gracie family has successfully bully-proofed tens of thousands of children using time-tested strategies featured in the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu program.

Based on our experience, there are only three solutions to bullying:

1) Bullyproof the Victims
A confident child is a bullyproof child. In the Keiki Bullyproof self-defense program, we will empower your child with unshakable confidence. They will learn the verbal strategies to stand up to bullies, and a series of non-violent self-defense techniques to keep them safe if they are physically attacked. 

2) Bullyproof the Bullies
We believe that bullies are created, not born. Somewhere along the way, bullies learn that the only way to elevate their social status is to utilize any power advantage to harass others. Consequently, the only way to effectively bullyproof a bully is to reeducate them regarding the proper use of any power advantage.

3) Bullyproof the Schools
To end bullying in Hawaii, we must bullyproof the schools. The only way to bullyproof a school is to make intervention the social norm on campus. The challenge we face is that as long as the risk of intervention outweighs the reward for intervention, kids will not step in due to fear of retaliation. The Keiki Bullyproof After-School Transformation System is the only school-based anti-bullying program that effectively balances the power between victims and bullies and alters the peer pressure dynamic so that kids are intrinsically motivated to step in and lend a helping hand to any child in need.

So there you have it, the three solutions to bullying. Even though we have many certified instructors helping us make a difference, in order to bullyproof Hawaii, we need your help. Whether you’re a parent who wants to empower your child from home, a community member who wants to show the bullies a better way, or a concerned citizen who wants to help us bullyproof a school in your area, you can make a HUGE difference in your community.  


What we supply:

  • We offer a gi for your child to borrow as they complete the trial.

First, we separate the kids by age.

  • 3-6yrs - Jr. Keiki Combatives

    • We have 3 separate classes

      • Monday & Wednesday @ 5:00pm

      • Tuesday & Thursday @ 6:00pm

      • Saturday & Sunday @ 9:00am

  • 7-12yrs - Keiki Combatives (36)

    • We have 2 separate classes

      • Monday & Wednesday @ 6:00pm

      • Saturday & Sunday @ 10:00am

  • 13-15yrs - Teen Combatives (60)

    • We have 1 class

      • Tuesday & Thursday @ 6:00pm

Second, each Student leans the 10 most essential classes first. This is usually covered as part of the 30 Day Trial, it’s a great way to see the goals of what they are trying to learn and not be overwhelmed. In the Keiki Combatives they will cover the 36 Most essential techniques that will help them if they do get into a bully altercation.

Third, progressing to the next level.

  • Jr.Keiki Combatives

    • Your child will age out and move into one of the Keiki Combatives classes

  • Keiki Combatives (36)

    • Your child will age out and move into Teen Combatives classes

    • If they show a strong interest in doing tournaments they may join the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu class

  • Teen Combatives (60)

    • Your child will age out and move into the Adult Combatives classes



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